Monday, September 14, 2015

Interesting Wine Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Interesting Wine Facts

When it comes to wine, everyone knows someone who thinks of themselves as a connoisseur on the subject, or that they know the perfect wine to pair with a particular meal. Whilst some facts about wine can help point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing a great pairing for your meal, there are other interesting facts about wine that will may make you reconsider your first choice. Let’s look at some of these weird wine facts and see if you are a connoisseur or not.

It’s all about the Label – Or Not!

According to many psychologists, many people’s choice of wine is often based on the appearance of the bottle that it is served in, as the appealing nature of the brand or the label may persuade you to choose one over another. In 2001, a panel of wine experts tested average priced Bordeaux that was served in a cheap looking bottle, which gained it the lowest possible score in all its tests. The same bottle was then presented to the panel in an expensive bottle, wherein the panel of experts gave it one of the highest possible scores in all tests.

Bordeaux wine

Many doctors and physicians have noted recent studies that show there are high levels of anti-oxidants in wine, especially red wines and that drinking within moderation may have a positive effect on heart health. Alternatively, Soy Sauce contains up to ten times the amount of anti-oxidants than that of wine, but I think we all know which goes better with the cheese course.


In a recent experiment within the wine industry, it was found that people paid more for a bottle of wine with a hard to pronounce name. Maybe the names of these wines sounded more exotic to those who do not know much about them, but considering the findings also showed that those who knew more about wine would vouch for the higher price of difficult to pronounce varieties making it one of the many weird wine facts available.

the Speyer wine

The oldest known wine in the world is the Speyer wine bottle found in Germany at an old Roman tomb. This bottle of wine which was found in 1872 is estimated to be over 1,700 years old, was found within a tomb containing six other bottles. Only this single bottle still contained wine, and is thought to have lost its alcohol by the time it was found, but was still well-sealed and preserved ready to be popped.


Wine Vernacular

When it comes to the culture and history of wine, it tends to have its own language that exemplifies the culture even more. When young wine is prepared for tasting, the odour, or ‘nose’ of the wine is called the ‘aroma’, whilst matured wine is said to have a ‘bouquet’.  When talking to other wine lovers, you may hear the word ‘brilliant’ when they describe a wine. This term is used to describe the brightness of the colour, and not the quality of the wine.

matured wine

The same goes for when describing a wine as ‘dumb’ – this simply means that the wine is a young wine that may not have a chance to mature to taste any better, as opposed to a ‘closed’ wine that may mature better than other wines.

Keeping these interesting facts about wine in mind Taste Canowindra's vast range of collection may give you a little hard time before choosing your desired one for your special occasion but then again, will always ensure the uncompromising ‘brilliance’ and unmatched ‘aroma’ to keep you satisfied, ever.