Thursday, March 19, 2015

5 Different Types of Restaurant

Most of us have had the good fortune of experiencing different flavours at various kinds of restaurants. Just to let you know the main categories of restaurants, we have basically listed a few kinds right here. What we did is sort out the most popular kinds, so if you haven't tried any one of them, you should know that it's time to. Usually, the classifications are brought about depending upon the menu style, preparation methods, pricing and in some cases, the atmosphere.

Quick-service Restaurants

quick-service restaurantUsually quick service restaurants are the ones that capitalize on speed of service and convenience. Although fast food restaurants fall under the umbrella of this kind, not all quick service restaurants places serve fast food although fast food is the most popular kind under this category. Usually these restaurants are the least expensive of all. They have quick service, a simpler and a more casual look and feel to the place. A few examples would include McDonald's, Taco Bell, Starbucks and Jamba Juice.

Casual Dining Restaurant

casual dining restaurant
This is a type of full service eatery. Typically, casual dining restaurants are often geared towards families which makes them more affordable. The dishes rarely go over $20 and the service style is casual but the guests still expect professionalism and service throughout the meal. The atmosphere in casual dining restaurants is similar to that of quick-service restaurants except that they take in a little more of the formal look. A few examples of casual dining restaurants would include Sagra, Fat Noodle and Pinbone.

Family Style Restaurant

There's a moderately priced menu, table service (rather than counter service) and a full bar which is usually separate from the dining room in the family style restaurants. The atmosphere is usually very lively in family style restaurants but the fact that a family style dining requires a group consensus of what to order means that picking what to eat can be a challenging task. A popular family style restaurant is Rocksalt Italian.

Fast Casual Restaurant

fast casual restaurant
A Fast casual restaurant is a modern term for a restaurant that falls between full-service and quick-service. These types of restaurants are typically distinguished by service type and food quality. They usually specialize in a few items on the menu which are well priced. Most fast casual restaurants are extremely versatile and since many obtain liquor licenses, they attract a large portion of the adult clientele.

 Fine Dining Restaurant


When it comes to service and quality, fine dining restaurants make the top of the ladder. They usually have a beautiful decor, specific dedicated meal courses and the wait staff are highly trained and usually wear a more formal attire. Fine Dining restaurants are usually very popular for a multiple reasons and it should come as no surprise if you find a country restaurant which provides commendable fine dining experience. The food portions are usually visually appealing and there are certain rules which the visitors are generally expected to follow.

People have contrasting reasons on their preferred kind of restaurant. What some like, others may not, so it’s best for you to try your perception on each of the five kinds listed above.

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