Friday, May 22, 2015

Plan Your Perfect Romantic Night Away

If you’re stuck and wondering how to plan a romantic dinner or need some ideas for a romantic night in you have come to the right place. Maybe you’re just starting to get to know someone new or perhaps you are celebrating your 20th wedding anniversary, either way it’s very hard to go past planning a special night where you and your love can escape for a while. 

Perfect Romantic Night
There are so many options out there for adventurous and exciting dates, but often it’s the simpler, well planned ones that stay with you the longest. A restaurant and live music followed by a bottle of wine at a nice hotel is a perfect way to show the person you care about how you feel. Here are a couple of indispensable tips you should think about before for your special night.

Plan In Advance

Plan In Advance
If you’re trying to find out how to plan a romantic night, the first and foremost importance is giving yourself enough time to organise everything advance. It’s a great idea to book any entertainment or make dinner reservations early so you don’t get stuck on the night. This kind of forethought shows your significant other that you are always thinking of them and want to plan a romantic date just for them enough that you put time aside beforehand to do it.

Live Music

restaurants with live music
Restaurants with live music provide great entertainment and can really help you break out of your regular routine. Research your local live music restaurants and find out who is playing where to see if something appeals. A great night out with dinner and dancing can bring life back to your relationship, and can make you fall in love all over again.


Many small Australian towns have a bustling art scene. If you stay somewhere over night, you might be able to extend your plans to the following morning and explore the area. Go out for breakfast and then take in the local sights, chances are you will find some great creative people and stunning local galleries so you can begin to get a real taste for the area.

Food and Wine

Food and Wine
Everybody has to eat, why not make it special? Choosing a good restaurant can make or break your romantic evening. Your eatery doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, the only requirement is truly delicious food. Try to order something different or each order dishes that you can share, allow plenty of time to eat and enjoy yourself and talk about something you have never talked about before.

To accompany a romantic night with a beautiful dinner, you can’t go wrong with wine. Whether local or international, a great wine compliments a fantastic meal. White wine, rose, red wine and bubbles, treat yourself and your partner to a matched drink with your meal.

At Taste Canowindra we are proud to serve incredible food and delicious local and international wine in a beautiful country fine dining setting. We offer one-of-a-kind live music events that you can enjoy before or after your meals and we even host art exhibitions for you to peruse. Whether you are interested in a big night out, or you are just looking for some special local wine to take back for a night in, Taste Canowindra can help you on the way.

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