Monday, October 13, 2014

Must-see Tourist Attractions in Canowindra

Canowindra has fantastic tourist attractions for those who want to move around and visit great places. Below's a few ones you could go check out.

Age Of Fishes Museum
Age of Fishes MuseumLong before dinosaurs existed, rivers of the Central West were occupied with fish with armour shells, fish with lungs and giant predators. A lot of their fossils were found in Canowindra which gave a unique glimpse into the Devonian Period - the "Age of Fishes". The Museum has put together many of the fossils with live aquarium displays and great recreations of the Devonian Life. The museum also offers two permanent exhibitions, an education program, gift shops and a geological time-walk ending with a free barbecue.

Canowindra Historical Museum
Canowindra Historical MuseumThe Museum portrays the development of Canowindra from the 1840s frontier township on Belbula River to its progress as a rural centre. You'll find vehicles of the horse drawn era, vintage farm implements and machinery that reflect the importance of what, wool and lucerne. The main building provides displays of household items, textiles, dental surgery and wedding gowns of local brides from 1886 onwards. School groups are welcome for bus tours after an appointment is made by teachers who may want to plan a visit which links with units of study.

The Melissa Barber Studio Gallery
Melissa Barber's artworkMelissa Barber is an independent artist living in the Central West Town of Canowindra. She opened her first gallery in 1999 in Canowindra. Her paintings are in private collections throughout Australia, France, England, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Malaysia, China and New Zealand. Melissa's work is deeply influenced by the Japanese and Chinese art since their style focuses on the use of negative space versus detail, flat color and strongly used colors of gold and silver. Studio visits can be arranged by appointment.

Canowindra Trading Post

Canowindra Trading PostWandering through the two floors of the Canowindra Trading Post, you'll find an enjoyable ambience which is created by the mix of the old and the new. The Canowindra Trading Post is an antique store which features a wide variety of products including homewares, lamps, antique furniture, jewellery, garden features and more. After you've seen through to your content, you have the opportunity to settle down with a fantastic Lavazza Coffee and light refreshment, served in the garden.

Canowindra's the spot for a recreational visit with your family, friends or just yourself. After you've roamed quite a few places, there's nothing like ending the day with some fine dining. A considerable way to tour Canowindra would be to take a day for a quality three-course meal and day(s) after to visit the fabulous sights.

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