Friday, July 10, 2015

What Is It Like To Dine At These Weirdest Restaurants In The World?

There is something fun and entertaining about eating out at a restaurant that staying in just cannot provide. A good restaurant is often noted due to its wine cellar, its gourmet food or its classy atmosphere, but then there are some restaurants that challenge the idea of what it is to be a restaurant. Here are some of the most unusual restaurants in the world.

The Twin Stars Diner, Moscow

Twin Stars Diner, MoscowAs you walk through the door into this modern restaurant, nothing really takes you by surprise. The menu looks delicious, the setting is modern and tasteful, but then you may start to get that Matrix-style deja-vu feeling that you have just seen the bartender in two places at once, around then you start to realise that this restaurant is staffed entirely by multiple sets of twins.

Twin Stars DinerThe concept of this restaurant was inspired by a Soviet film from 1964 called Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors and takes after a similar venue in New York called ‘Twinergy’ where twins who eat there get two for one deals. According to their website ‘You see double before you have a cocktail'.

The Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas

Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas
This restaurant in the United States doesn’t shy away from unhealthy food, huge portion sizes, or even the health warnings that many people are calling for with food which is high in fat. When you see the menu in this restaurant, you’ll know how it got its name.

quadruple bypass burger
When you sit down to your table, you’re given a hospital gown to protect your clothing from the colossal slab of meat you are about to eat, and gives you an idea of what is about to come. One of the burgers on the menu is called a quadruple bypass burger and contains calories in their tens of thousands, 20 slices of bacon and offers two nurses to help you out of the restaurant via wheelchair when you’re done!

Draculas, Melbourne

Draculas, Melbourne
This rather camp take on the recent trend in horror movies and classic hammer horror stories will entertain and thrill you if you are into vampires, ghouls and witches. Anyone with a sense of adventure will enjoy the Vampire themed restaurant that also features a cabaret styled show during your meal.

Draculas CabaretFeaturing a ghost train ride, a cocktail bar and the chance to dine in full horror fancy dress, you can see why it has become so popular over the last couple of years, something must be going right!

Calico Cat Café, Tokyo

Calico Cat Café, Tokyo

This café is definitely one for the cat lovers out there, as the restaurant is filled with cats all day long. Felines roam free while diners enjoy their cups of tea and coffee, sometimes giving you the opportunity to give them a pat or a scratch on the chin.  If you have ever felt the need to dine whilst being scratched at the ankles by a hungry kitty then this restaurant is perfect for you.

Calico Cat Café
Many people like to go to the restaurant for the company of dining with cats. The owner states that many find comfort in feline companionship and like to dine alone anyway, so the benefits are apparently mutual.

The Hilton Resort & Spa, Maldives

Hilton Resort & Spa, Maldives
As many travellers may well know, the Hilton is world renowned for its luxury penthouse suites, large spa facilities and Michelin star restaurant experiences. But the Hilton has a very special secret up its sleeve with the Maldives Resort & Spa.

Underwater Restaurants

It is an underwater restaurant that is situated 5 meters below the surface and has some of the most pristine water with exotic sea life to watch as you dine on your exquisite dessert. The restaurant only serves 14 people, so get that reservation in early!

Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan

Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan
This restaurant may top the list of the oddest restaurants! It isn’t the menu that has people worried, it’s the seating arrangements. The entire restaurant was designed to look like a bathroom. Instead of regular seating you have to sit on toilet bowls at tables made from bathtubs with a large mirror on them, tiled walls and even dinner plates that are shaped like toilet seats.

Toilet Restaurant

As you can imagine, the idea has not been too popular with many of the locals, but as people get more intrigued, the restaurant always seems to be packed to the rafters. Somehow, we don’t think this restaurant will be getting any Michelin stars any time soon.