Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Taste Canowindra : Enjoy Memorable Evenings

"Taste Canowindra", A classic Australian theatre restaurant located in Canowindra, NSW is offering great taste of best regional foods and wines and opportunity to enjoy evening meal with music.  Slide off the plateau of the central tablelands and couched between two ranges of hills glows the jewel in the crown of the central west, taste Canowindra. Taste Canowindra restaurant, surrounded by beautiful country sights, boutique wineries and abundance of local produces, offers all the features of a welcoming country restaurant which always strives to entertain their guests and make their moments memorable ones in Canowindra.

Lets see why "Taste Canowindra" is a great choice as a restaurant:

Art Gallery : Taste Canowindra has a excellent art gallery. The restaurant organizes events like exhibitions of Sally Walker glass works and Bob Craven leather crafts. Bob Craven specializes on exclusive bewilderness leather crafts and those products are showcased here.

Wines : Taste Canowindra is the best place to get best regional wines such as the Falls wines, Wallington wines, Rosnay products, Gardner's Ground. These famous brands are sold and stocked here for the guests. visit taste Caonwindra.

Musical Shows : The guests at Taste Canowindra can also enjoy musical shows organized by the restaurant and performed by local celebrities like Frencham Smith. Wolly-Baun & Shaun, Nerida Cuddy, Geoffrey Lancaster and others. These shows need prior bookings.  So. to enjoy some of Australia’s finest music from jazz to folk at one of the finest restaurants with live music in Canowindra region while indulgin in a three-course Modern Australian meal and reveling in the up-and-coming ambiance of the central west, please book your evening today by emailing at info@tastecanowindra.com.au or calling - 02 6344 2332